» » Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut - The Complete Idiot's Guide To: Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut (Ver. 1.0)

🎀 Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut - The Complete Idiot's Guide To: Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut (Ver. 1.0) MP3

  • Performer: Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut
  • Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide To: Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut (Ver. 1.0)
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Country: Norway
  • Record source: 2 Γ— DVDr, Compilation, DVD-Data
  • Released: 11 Jun 2008
  • Style: Noise, Breakcore, Techno, Abstract, Drone, IDM, Ambient, Experimental
  • Label: Krakilsk
  • Cat#: kra040
  • MP3 album: 2341 mb
  • FLAC album: 1011 mb
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Votes: 905
🎀 Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut - The Complete Idiot's Guide To: Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut (Ver. 1.0) MP3


1 Knob
2 Berith
4–HelmeticrononautWhy Sometimes It Hurts
5–Swamps Up NostrilsUtaforverandaendrone2
6–Leaving EarthBreaking The Waves
7 Swamps Up Nostrils & Carlos Saladen
8–Swamps Up NostrilsAre You Three
9–Synchronoizer ExperimentSynchronoizer Experiment 4
10 Colon
11–The SUNCD ProjectFrg107
12–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_9
13–Swamps Up NostrilsAmphicib
14–Swamps Up NostrilsI Can't Believe It's Not Water
15–Swamps Up NostrilsToilet Politics
16–Swamps Up NostrilsVokal Fnord 2
17–HelmeticrononautEnhance Your Mutation Today
18–Origami MalebariskaTravesty Of The Goon
19–Fungal GrevlingPart3 02 - Rythmic Passage
20–HelmeticrononautFor At Domm
21–MystifiedChronophobic (Remix Of Mystified's Blue)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
22 Shitbreather (Split)
23–Swamps Up NostrilsMagfinsind
24 Post-Apocalypse
25–HelmeticrononautMassive Unforgiving And Made Of Rock And Ice
26 Bong
27–Swamps Up NostrilsSalvation Synth From Hell
28–Swamps Up NostrilsNhog-Thulubs
29–PyogenicRed Skull
30–t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr5T3h Fn0rd @ t3h S+4rT 0v t3h +Unn3|
31–Swamps Up NostrilsLysloop1
32–Swamps Up NostrilsSome Other Song
33–Swamps Up NostrilsSommerjam2005-2
34–Swamps Up NostrilsTechnoise Trash People
35–Swamps Up Nostrils5
36 Fungal Grevling (Swamps Up Nostrils Lo-Fi Project)
37–Swamps Up NostrilsMorbidding Crap Hop Frubished Spraycan
38–HelmeticrononautWe Who Are Not Like Fettoters
39–S.U.N.My Sequencer Got Issues Part2 (Live)
40–Swamps Up NostrilsBig Band Wormhole Collapse
41–Leaving EarthEating Sub Bass In Sub Space
42–Swamps Up NostrilsSpungelike
43–Swamps Up NostrilsA Week After
44–Swamps Up NostrilsThe Mind Is A Wonderful Thing To Blow
45–Fungal GrevlingPart3 04 - Steaming Fur
46 LipConcreteFriction
48–KRUFT!A Brief History Of Dentistry
49–t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr5T3h Fn0rd @ t3h 3nD 0v t3h +Unnel
50–Swamps Up NostrilsBrekklaus
51–HelmeticrononautPolice Brutality
52–Origami StatikaHumanity's Folly
53 My Sequencer Got Issues
54–Swamps Up NostrilsLego-Metoden
55–HelmeticrononautThey All Listen To The Radio
56–Swamps Up NostrilsBerithm
57–Swamps Up NostrilsExit
58–Swamps Up NostrilsCosmosmose
59–NINNine Inch Poop (Remix Of NIN's Only)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
60–Leaving EarthLike Hurricanes
61–Leaving EarthIgnorerr
62–Swamps Up NostrilsMetal Schmetal
63–Swamps Up NostrilsAgregat
64–Swamps Up NostrilsCumball
65–Leaving EarthShort Burst Of Pleasure
66–SUN & AatmaaTravesty One
67–Origami MalebariskaGrusidinal
68–Origami MalebariskaDer Kranke Geist Wird Heylig (Seetyca Bonus)
Performer – Seetyca
69–HelmeticrononautStatic Man Is Fighting With Ploink Manure And Soon They Are All Covered In Ectoplasm Then The Police Arrives And All Is Crap
70–Origami StatikaHidden In The Toys
71 Monotaur EP
72–Infernal Divine SolariumCrossorc
73–Swamps Up NostrilsUncle Billy
74–Origami MalebariskaAstro Wagner
75–Swamps Up NostrilsJaaaaaahΓ¦
76–PyogenicCinder Cone Pt1
77–HelmeticrononautDer Er Braak
78 Mass Delusion
79–Arnfinn KillingtveitExam1
80–Origami StatikaBuffering
81–SUN Vs. Snail Changing Values (Grom Premix1)
Remix – SUN
82–Swamps Up NostrilsElementary Particle Man
83–Unknown ArtistKung Fu Beats (Helmeticron Remix)
Remix – Helmeticron
84–Leaving EarthMagnetite Helmet
85–S.U.N.Helmet, Cronic, Discord (Helmeticron Dissection)
86 Life Will Kill You
87–Leaving EarthHallusinogenepool
88 Finvær Dritvær
89–HelmeticrononautSome Ploinks Then A Rumbeling Sensation
90–Swamps Up NostrilsNevergroing
91–t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr5tH3r3 k4n 0nly b3 GMT+1
93–Leaving EarthB 3 4 + Z
94–HelmeticrononautMongo Strupesang
95–Swamps Up NostrilsHustadinmyheads
96–Leaving EarthThe House By The Cemetery
97–Swamps Up NostrilsSpiritualice
98–HelmeticrononautMolten Lava Revisited
99–HelmeticrononautThis Is Your New Favourite Song
100–Swamps Up NostrilsA Trip To An Alien Forest Of Some Sort
101–Leaving EarthFrenticism
102–Swamps Up NostrilsHusflue
103–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack05
104 Interdifference
105 The Order Of Pink Goats
106–The Order Of Pink GoatsEvolution Will Find You Redundant
107–HelmeticrononautGravyti Is Heavy Today
108–HelmeticrononautKnobbing Forever
109–Leaving EarthDevil May Care
110–Swamps Up NostrilsKokeplatedronesprak
111–Swamps Up NostrilsKaptein Quirk
112 Malebarisk
113–Swamps Up NostrilsWhispering Winds Of Shit
114–Leaving EarthCarne-Age
115–Comando BrunoThe Evil Florist (Remix Of Comando Bruno's Samplepack @ Tapegerm)
Remix – S.U.N.
116–Swamps Up NostrilsHarm Money
117–Leaving EarthMekk4
118–MystifiedTime Not Time
119–Swamps Up NostrilsOut Of My Heads
120–HelmeticrononautPrelude To Bong
121 Flatul Prophesia
122–MystifiedChop Shake And Bend Steady Down
123–Swamps Up NostrilsChoir Noir
124–HelmeticrononautMbx Of Light
125–Swamps Up NostrilsVokal Fnord 1
126 Live
127–The Order Of Pink GoatsThe Order Of Pink Goats
128–Swamps Up NostrilsNmmh
129–HelmeticrononautRight Before Your Ears
130–Swamps Up NostrilsJoy Of Hex
131 Preconstruct 3
132–Swamps Up NostrilsSound1
133–Leaving EarthTrack23
134–Swamps Up Nostrils1
135–Swamps Up NostrilsAs A Matter Of Fuct
136–Torstein WjiikProcessed Work
137–Leaving EarthCrap In My Ear
138–Swamps Up NostrilsPluto (Eurorack Mix)
140 The SUN CD
141–Swamps Up Nostrils3
142 Digital Spine Flush 1
143–HelmeticrononautWhy Other Yimes It's Nice
144 Fucking Hell
145–HelmeticrononautThey All Go To A Party But Leave Pretty Soon
146–Swamps Up NostrilsPsyclay
147 Estisk Kjeks
148–Swamps Up NostrilsBoats Become Drones
149–PyogenicScyzophan Angel
150–Swamps Up NostrilsChaostrisis
152–Swamps Up NostrilsPnog
153–HelmeticrononautDancenoiseparty Wohoo
154–Swamps Up NostrilsTransgression
155–Swamps Up Nostrils & JΓΈrgen SkjΓ¦rvoldLive At FUSK 200906
156–Swamps Up NostrilsLow-Fusion Orc
157–Swamps Up NostrilsYo Kis
158–HelmeticrononautTimespace Fucked
159–Swamps Up NostrilsI Have No Fucking Idea
160–KRUFT!No2 Id Like
161 Chaos Out Of Order
162–Swamps Up NostrilsGoo
163–1bPsycho-Kinetic Escape (Remix Of 1b's Secreto)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
164–Swamps Up NostrilsOccational Loopstealer
165–Swamps Up NostrilsInteractive Processes
166–Arnfinn KillingtveitLaptopography
167–Animal Machine / Swamps Up NostrilsManipulator
168–PyogenicHeavy On The Heavy
169–Swamps Up NostrilsHΓΌnger Of StΓΆmach
170–Swamps Up NostrilsPhonomental Plasticity
171–Fungal GrevlingPart1 02 - Leaves That Crack
172–Leaving EarthNumber Of The Yeast
173 Quirk EP
174–Swamps Up NostrilsSome Other Song (Remix By Woeful Pleasure)
Remix – Woeful Pleasure
175–Swamps Up NostrilsSubtrain Satanist Childeating Freemasons
176–Swamps Up NostrilsUh-Oh
177–HelmeticrononautSomewhat Free Again
178–Swamps Up NostrilsPhlegm Master
179–Leaving EarthThe Building Speed Of Tiny Children
180–Swamps Up NostrilsSplintermission
181–Swamps Up NostrilsHakkebakkezonen33
183–Swamps Up NostrilsHydr
184–Swamps Up NostrilsDurahell
186–Swamps Up NostrilsNhog'Thulubs
187–AdDMTriggersloppy (Remix Of AdDM's Triggerhappy)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
188–HelmeticrononautCrappy Summer
189–S.U.N.Static Microbes Part 1
190–Swamps Up NostrilsNesh Ichor
191 Destroy All Artifacts
192–HelmeticrononautHungry Black Holes
193–Swamps Up NostrilsKvakksalve
194–Swamps Up NostrilsPeel
195–HelmeticrononautLike, Whatever
196–HelmeticrononautGnome Captured By Military Personell
197–Torstein WjiikSize XXL
198–Mr. Simmons TrioWet Spandex V1
199–S.U.N.Flummox Panic
200–Swamps Up NostrilsCrackhouse Mist
201–KaryonAngry Animals Anonymous (Remix Of Karyon's Winterdeath)
Remix – S.U.N.
202–SUN Vs. Snail Errmutations2 (Grom Premix3)
Remix – SUN
203–Swamps Up NostrilsZapping Idiots
204–Swamps Up NostrilsDeath Of A Dodo
205–Estisk KjeksTarmkylling Basjelonamix
206–HelmeticrononautWhy Do You Listen
207 Leaving Earth
208 Digitana
209–Swamps Up NostrilsMystikomisk Puddel
210 Øresus Og Dus (Split)
211–HelmeticrononautDaevven Ass
212–Swamps Up NostrilsMarauder
213–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack08
215–Swamps Up NostrilsSidetrack Forceriders
216–S.U.N.Carved In Mud
218–Origami MalebariskaIntrospect In Agony
219–Swamps Up NostrilsHoi
220–Pax Pax's Sample Pack (Trauma Based Mix By S.u.n.)
Remix – S.u.n.
221–Swamps Up NostrilsCognitive Bias
222–Swamps Up NostrilsPianux
223–Reptile Instinct Vs HelmeticrononautIgnoranosaurus Rex
224–Aatmaa / Swamps Up NostrilsDagger Hands
225 Ingdal Sessions + People Fatter Than You
226–Swamps Up NostrilsPlunder The Digital Stuff
227–Swamps Up NostrilsFiklrhod
228–Origami MalebariskaSunk In The Sea
229–HelmeticrononautAkustisk TilbakefΓΈring Av Lyd
230–Fungal GrevlingPart2 05 - Sucky Weather
231 MP3 DVD 2, Collaborations & Remixes
232–Leaving EarthNext-Gen
233–Swamps Up NostrilsReticence
234–Swamps Up NostrilsPleasurewax
235–HelmeticrononautPlaying With Life
236–Leaving EarthMekk6
237 Swamps Up Nostrils & Snail
238–Origami StatikaReading Between The Lies
239–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_8
240–Cory ThrallGobart (Remix Of Cory Thrall's Bogart)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
241–Swamps Up NostrilsBeating Rocks
242–Leaving EarthMekk5
243 The Cosmic Abyss
246–Swamps Up NostrilsJean Luc R-Tard
247–HelmeticrononautHjemlaga Saft E Bestd
248–Apt21333th Degree And Still Dumb (Remix Of Disco Days Are Over By Apt213)
Remix – S.U.N.
249–Swamps Up Nostrils / AatmaaArachnoid
250–Swamps Up NostrilsSpinxter
251–Swamps Up NostrilsMisantropicana Holiday Resort
252 Oldies Goldies
253–Swamps Up NostrilsRΓ¦vklam Sommernatt (Bonus Track)
254–Synchronoizer ExperimentSynchronoizer Experiment 2
255–Swamps Up NostrilsFftffs
256–Aatmaa / Swamps Up NostrilsSolar Serpent
257–HelmeticrononautHow Would You Like Your Mass Extermination
258–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack04
259–Leaving EarthThe Birds Got The Flu
260–Origami MalebariskaNo One Should Ever Be Caged
261–Swamps Up NostrilsFugledronepitsjned
262–Leaving EarthSol Life
263–Swamps Up NostrilsEntropain
264–Fungal GrevlingPart2 01 - Tree Factory
265–Swamps Up NostrilsLarmless
266–Swamps Up NostrilsFarsk1
267 MP3 DVD 1, Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut
268–Swamps Up NostrilsWhat Your Not Supposed To Know
269–Animal Machine / HelmeticrononautProductive Vs. Destructive - Re-Constructor (Steel Mix)
270 Mangled Unbelief
271–Fisk PΓ₯ DiscOppbrudd Og Avskjaer Av Gravlaks
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
274–Fungal GrevlingPart2 03 - Boulder
275–S.U.N.Confurious At Wrong Pitch Except The Dislike Of Honey Bees
276–HelmeticrononautGyral Shutdown
277–Swamps Up Nostrils Vs. Eldad TsabaryThe Digestive System Of Lizards With Gastrointestinal Disorders
278 Remixes
279 Super Bonus
280–Unknown ArtistLoop Poo
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
281–Swamps Up NostrilsYuan Hausspatzen
282–Torstein WjiikHyperactive (Noised Up)
283 Hybridous I (Remixes And Collaborations)
284–HelmeticrononautGo Away, Please Come Again
285–The RMG.ProjectFlawed Reality Selection (Remix Of The RMG.Project's Komputermusik)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
286 Infernal Divine Solarium
287–Swamps Up NostrilsDritvaer1
288–Swamps Up NostrilsHyperverse Dysfunction
289–Swamps Up NostrilsMedicatering
290–Swamps Up NostrilsModest Blasting
291–Swamps Up NostrilsSommerjam2005-1
292–Swamps Up NostrilsCrappeti
293–Swamps Up NostrilsSeptic Ways
294–Synchronoizer ExperimentSynchronoizer Experiment 3
295–Torstein WjiikSize XL
296–Full OnElemental Madness (Remix Of Full On's Mental Feng Shui)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
297–Swamps Up NostrilsFuturbulence
298–Swamps Up NostrilsFinvaer3
299 Teh Nerfed EP
300–HelmeticrononautAngels Playing Haarp In The Chemtrails
301–Leaving EarthPluto Is Still A Planet
302 The Helmeticronicles Part 1
303–Animal Machine / Swamps Up Nostrils / AatmaaSex Slave
304–HelmeticrononautHa Det Bra
305–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_3
306–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack06
307–Woeful PleasureStringed Up Cat Mellowing Down (Remix Of Woeful Pleasure)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
308–S.U.N.Baby Holocaust - Live @ Klubb Kanin - Coffee Annan 051006
309–Leaving EarthHello
310–Swamps Up Nostrils Vs. ResinNddttcoprr
311–Swamps Up NostrilsKibrdmkksht
313 30.13
314–Origami MalebariskaRustmare
315–Swamps Up NostrilsSult (Hessdalen Beats)
316–Swamps Up NostrilsWhat's Going Down
317 Monstro (Split)
320–HelmeticrononautBad Intentions
322–MystifiedMonstero Part 1
323–Swamps Up NostrilsPartykeyboard3
324–Swamps Up NostrilsMy Crypt Is Cold And Moist
325–HelmeticrononautDark Side Of The Dork
327–Swamps Up NostrilsImmune System Down
328–MystifiedWhite Water
329–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack07
330–Cadmium DunkelSwitch On Your Sleeping Genes (Remix Of Reconstruct2 Files By Cadmium Dunkel)
Remix – S.U.N.
331–Swamps Up NostrilsCarpace Taste Bug
332 E.T. Drone Home
333–Leaving EarthPoionous Grainbow
334–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_7
335–S.U.N.My Sequencer Got Issues Part4 (Live)
336–SevensyWhere Thoughts Seek Refuge (Remix Of Sevensy's A Series Of Related Dreams)
Remix – S.U.N.
337–MalebariskDecay Of Contagion
338–Swamps Up NostrilsBalanceco Part2
339–Swamps Up NostrilsRemnants
340–Aatmaa / Swamps Up NostrilsArm & Leg Monster
341–HelmeticrononautFart Brute
342–KRUFT!Bleeding Gums
343–HelmeticrononautFeed On Your Back
344–Swamps Up NostrilsMarsquake-4
345–Swamps Up NostrilsDungeon Of Distortion
347–Leaving EarthMekk8
348–Swamps Up NostrilsFatiguez Must Go
349 C+rL 4L+ +3h 733+
350–Swamps Up NostrilsDelirikum
351–Fungal GrevlingPart3 01 - Entry Into The Beyond
352–Swamps Up NostrilsDelayed Again
353–Woeful PleasureDiscontinous Feline Impulses (Remix Of Woeful Pleasure)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
354–S.U.N.My Sequencer Got Issues Part5 (Live)
355 Following Stars
356–Swamps Up NostrilsSuper Bonus
357–Swamps Up NostrilsHagl Ut
358–Swamps Up NostrilsPlentiful Means Of Energy Extraction
359–HelmeticrononautHnome Sighting
360–HelmeticrononautTormented String
361–Snail Vs. HelmeticrononautWhenfloatinginspacebesuretowearyourhelmetmix (Helmeticronicles1 Remixed)
Remix – Snail
362–Swamps Up NostrilsChaos Out Of Order
363–Arnfinn KillingtveitSemesteroppgave 2
364–MystifiedDistortion Field Edit Rm
365–Swamps Up NostrilsDistam
366–MystifiedMetallic Events
367–HelmeticrononautWorld Of Borecraft
368–Origami StatikaSunday Jam
369–Swamps Up NostrilsNah No Tech No Logic
370–Snail Vs. SUNErrmutations Takes A Happy Meal1 (Remix Of Errmutations2)
Remix – SUN
371–Swamps Up NostrilsSteindupp
372–Swamps Up NostrilsAsteroid Mine
373–Fungal GrevlingPart2 04 - Crawl And Whine
374 Hakkebakkezonen33
375–Swamps Up NostrilsHoffman
376–Swamps Up NostrilsNoise Reduction Campagne
377–HelmeticrononautSolar Outbursts
378–Arnfinn KillingtveitEksamen I MUST1052
379–Swamps Up NostrilsDarker Frequent
380–Fungal GrevlingPart1 04 - Nopuls
381 Chasers/Screamers (Split)
382–Leaving EarthDuck And Hover
383 Weird Friction
384–Origami MalebariskaEschatologiska
385–Fungal GrevlingPart3 03 - Strange Being Approaches
386–Swamps Up NostrilsConstipated Conspiracy
387–MalebariskIll Nest
388–Swamps Up NostrilsOut Of
389–MystifiedMonstero Part 2
390–S.U.N.Less Harm Mostly
391–Swamps Up NostrilsFinvaer1
392–S.U.N.Beat Your Rockets With Fire
393–Leaving EarthRecovery (Home)
394–Origami MalebariskaDecay Of Contagion
395–Swamps Up NostrilsFreakage
396–HelmeticrononautShut Up And Die
397–Leaving EarthAre We In Trouble Yet
398 Clipping The Wings
399–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack02
400–Unknown ArtistDeadSCSI2
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
401–Swamps Up NostrilsRising S.u.n.
402–KRUFT!A Numbed Lip
403–Leaving EarthBasslie
404–S.U.N.My Sequencer Got Issues Part3 (Live)
405–KRUFT!No2 I Had
406–Swamps Up NostrilsSkinflopping
407–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack01
408–Swamps Up NostrilsJaaahææjaaaaahΓ¦
409–Swamps Up NostrilsCpuufokk2
410–S.U.N.Static Microbes Part 2
411–Swamps Up NostrilsTo Shred And Tear
412 Wrath Of Gawd + Quality Bones (Split)
413–Snail Vs. HelmeticrononautBlackhole Vertigomix (Helmeticronicles1 Remixed)
Remix – Snail
414 Swamps Up Nostrils & A.Castillo
415–Swamps Up Nostrils / AatmaaSpectraal
416–Synchronoizer ExperimentSynchronoizer Experiment 1
417–Swamps Up NostrilsChaos Never Die
418–Swamps Up NostrilsDritvaer2
419–Leaving EarthFiklat Skurr
420–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_5
421–Swamps Up Nostrilsitfdib
422–Swamps Up NostrilsDay After Harbak
423–Swamps Up NostrilsNothing Of The Matter
424–MalebariskAlchemy Of Sicness
425–Swamps Up NostrilsOwnline Metapsycle Mk2
426–S.U.N.Furnished Through Inaction
427–Swamps Up NostrilsHæææææææja
428 Swamps Up Nostrils & Karyon
429–HelmeticrononautBlow Your Trunk
430–Mystified + LysdexicFriendly Conveyors (Remix Of Mystified's Be Friends + Lysdexic's Conveyor)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
431–Swamps Up NostrilsElchub Spectraal
432–Leaving EarthAnd We Keep Floating
433–Swamps Up NostrilsZitterbewegung
434–Fungal GrevlingPart1 05 - Slippery Roots
435–Swamps Up NostrilsSteve
436–Swamps Up Nostrils & A. CastilloLate Stonage
437–Swamps Up NostrilsUh-Oh (In The Middle Mix)
Remix – Snail
438–Swamps Up NostrilsGuzzler
439–Swamps Up NostrilsMontauk Title Missing
440–HelmeticrononautAfterlude To Bong
441–HelmeticrononautExtinct This Morning
442–Leaving EarthBreathing Again
443–HelmeticrononautRadiation Everywhere
444–Swamps Up NostrilsRepeating Ultraconcious Being
445–Swamps Up NostrilsInputrash
446–Swamps Up NostrilsStanding Under A Waterfall Belching
447–Swamps Up NostrilsUrdur
448–Swamps Up NostrilsMicropyle
449–Animal Machine / HelmeticrononautProductive Vs. Destructive - Re-Constructor (Gas Mix)
450 Fart Brute
451–Origami MalebariskaIll Nest
452–The Infinite Sector CollectiveThe Musical Spliff
453–Swamps Up NostrilsAllhearing Ear
454–Leaving EarthStatiction
455–S.U.N. Vs. S.U.N.Terrorlisk
456–Swamps Up NostrilsEat Snow Slow
457–Swamps Up NostrilsSwamps Up Nostrils @ Klubb Kanin 221106
458–Animal Machine / Swamps Up NostrilsManipulation
459–t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr53n+3r B0rd0M3
460–Swamps Up NostrilsRedigested
461 Untelling A Story
462–KRUFT!Temper Ate Your
463–Leaving EarthThis Is Techno
464–The Order Of Pink GoatsUntitled
465–MystifiedPaper Everywhere
466–Swamps Up NostrilsDugledrone
467–Swamps Up NostrilsDust
468–Swamps Up NostrilsOvnskit
469–Swamps Up NostrilsAltar Of Pedals
470 We Who Are Not Liek Fettoters
471–HelmeticrononautNERF CAPS LOCK
472–Miksmaster LuguberFragmentorium (Remix Of Miksmaster Luguber's VΓ₯rbekken)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
473–Fungal GrevlingPart1 01 - In The Dark There Be Mold
474–Leaving EarthThe Whatever
475–Swamps Up NostrilsWonderfool
476–HelmeticrononautHigher States Of Frequency
477–Swamps Up NostrilsEUkalypse
478–Swamps Up NostrilsSelection Of Chaos Out Of Order Revisited With Stomach Cramps
479–Swamps Up NostrilsAirport Child
480–Swamps Up NostrilsFnord!
481–HelmeticrononautMutant Birdroid
482 Dish Harmony
483–Swamps Up NostrilsOppteik1
484–Leaving EarthSleeping Inside A Cage
485–Leaving EarthSpasmic Seismic
486–Fungal GrevlingPart2 02 - Mossridden
487–HelmeticrononautGlass Bottom Gliding
488–Swamps Up NostrilsBehindstone
489 Collaborations
490–Origami MalebariskaAlchemy Of Sicness
491–Swamps Up NostrilsLoonie
492–Swamps Up NostrilsThe Place Of Burning
493–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_6
494 Malebarisk (Swamps Up Nostrils, Seetyca & Mystified)
495–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_4
496–Swamps Up Nostrils & Carlos SaladenUntitled
497–Animal Machine / HelmeticrononautProductive Vs. Destructive - Re-Constructor (Bone Mix)
498–S.U.N.My Sequencer Got Issues Part1 (Live)
499–Swamps Up NostrilsPartykeyboard2
500–Origami StatikaYahweh's Revenge
501–Swamps Up NostrilsCpuufokk1
502–Swamps Up NostrilsSoundwave 240
503–Swamps Up NostrilsUtaforverandaendrone1
504 The Glowing
505–Swamps Up NostrilsStrippeacid Take 2
506–Snail Vs. HelmeticrononautI Wish I Was A Dansing Queen Mix (Helmeticronicles1 Remixed)
Remix – Snail
507–HelmeticrononautStatic Man Whines About The Weather
508–S.U.N.Uh Oh
Remix – Mystified
509–Leaving EarthMekk7
510–Swamps Up NostrilsOppteik2
511–t3h ØmfglØlrØflstfuplzr5d00d Wh3r3z my Gr00v3
512–HelmeticrononautMy Helmet
513 Synkopat
514 Static Microbes
515–Swamps Up NostrilsDirtymag
516–Swamps Up NostrilsVass1
517–Swamps Up NostrilsI'll Be Biofeedback
518–Swamps Up NostrilsWzatringh
519–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_2
520 Swamps Up Nostrils & Eldad Tsabary
521–HelmeticrononautFrequencor Is Back
522 Marsquake
523–Swamps Up NostrilsMarsquake-1
524 The Helmeticronicles Part 2
525 S.U.N (Compilation)
526–Swamps Up NostrilsForget Who You Are
527–HelmeticrononautTobotic Torture
528 Nice Lady
529–Swamps Up NostrilsVadml
530–Swamps Up NostrilsOne Thousand Million Electro Volts
531–HelmeticrononautWhat Comes Next Might Be
532–Swamps Up NostrilsLast Fish In Bowls
533–SUN Vs. Snail Errmutations1 (Grom Premix2)
Remix – SUN
534 A Brief History Of Dentistry
535–Leaving EarthMekk3
536–Swamps Up NostrilsConceptacle
537–Origami StatikaEscalating Spell Malfunction
538–Swamps Up Nostrils & KaryonStromatolite (In Memoriam E.S.S FallCraft)
539–Swamps Up NostrilsThumper
540–Leaving EarthInsisting On Collapse
541–Swamps Up NostrilsSome Other Song (darph nadeR Remix)
Remix – darph nadeR
542–Swamps Up NostrilsSunday Morning
543–Swamps Up NostrilsGnu
544–Swamps Up NostrilsArctic Kahuna
545–Leaving EarthBig One
546–HelmeticrononautMarch Of The Stupid
547–Swamps Up NostrilsBalanceco Part1
548–HelmeticrononautPouncy Dough Is Victorious
549 Misadventric Processing EP
550–Leaving EarthMcFreedom
551 Origami Malebariska
552–Leaving EarthMekk1
553–Origami MalebariskaMicrochipped Fishbrain
554–Swamps Up Nostrils2
555–MalebariskAnatomy Of Sicness
556–Vlad / SeetycaThe Afternoon Was Shifting (Remix Of Vlad's Beats And Seetyca's 06 Srns D ln)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
557–Fungal GrevlingPart3 05 - Relief At Last
558–Swamps Up NostrilsAnnoyance Fiction
559–Cadmium DunkelInterspieces Stimulus (Remix Of Reconstruct2 Files By Cadmium Dunkel)
Remix – S.U.N.
561 The Musical Spliff (collaboration of artists from the Infinite Sector Collective)
562–Swamps Up NostrilsImmortality
563–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack03
564–Swamps Up NostrilsMigration Of Dead Birds
565–Swamps Up NostrilsRed Pushing Zebra Over The White
566–Origami StatikaLurking In Plastic
568–Swamps Up NostrilsHousemusic For Uranus
569–Swamps Up NostrilsHerpolainen
570–Swamps Up NostrilsSick Theremin
571–Swamps Up NostrilsPsychosphere
572–MalebariskIntrospect In Agony
573–Swamps Up Nostrils / AatmaaRadiation Trash
574–Swamps Up NostrilsBalanceco Part3
576 Swamps Up Nostrils & Resin
577–MystifiedTransistor Bag
578–Origami StatikaIt's Feeding, It's Bleeding
579–Swamps Up Nostrils4
581–Swamps Up NostrilsVrΓ¦ngt
582–Swamps Up NostrilsColoring
583–Swamps Up NostrilsDritvaer3
584–HelmeticrononautPouncy Dough Encounters Frequencor
585–Leaving EarthFollowing His Tracks
586–HelmeticrononautSkitmy Taake Ut I Dag Sjoe
587–HelmeticrononautPlayful Death
588–Swamps Up Nostrils + AatmaaMD5037_1
589–Animal Machine / Swamps Up NostrilsBitch
590–SUNUh-Oh (TIB's Canceremix)
Remix – TIB
591–Origami MalebariskaPilzepop Statt Beelzebub
592–Swamps Up NostrilsPlanet Brainwash
593–Swamps Up NostrilsBiotectonic
594–Swamps Up NostrilsUtaforverandaendrone3
595–Origami MalebariskaAnatomy Of Sicness
596–Swamps Up NostrilsLim
597–Swamps Up NostrilsMangled Unbelief Dissected Through Spasms Of Life
598–Swamps Up NostrilsFurb
599–Fungal GrevlingPart1 03 - Mud Corridor
600–HelmeticrononautPest Og Kolera
601–Swamps Up NostrilsAnarkey
602–Swamps Up NostrilsMonotomized Dub
603–Swamps Up NostrilsEndure
604–Unknown ArtistBJL Becomes Ambientropy
Remix – S.U.N.
605–Swamps Up NostrilsTaro
606–Swamps Up NostrilsInward Falling
607–Swamps Up NostrilsKlagesang
608–Swamps Up NostrilsTomorrow Is Yesterday Today
609–MystifiedAhoy 2
610–Swamps Up Nostrils & KaryonFaCaInGlOpRe
611–Swamps Up NostrilsSinnakaill
612–Swamps Up NostrilsFinvaer2
614–HelmeticrononautBedre Enn Brus
615–Leaving EarthAmazing Ways Of The Wildebeast
616–The Order Of Pink GoatsTragic Fur
617 Planet Brainwash
618–Origami MalebariskaPsychosis Mantra
619–Swamps Up NostrilsTrack09
620–1bCaged Animal (Remix Of 1b's Secreto)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
621–HelmeticrononautFor At Lurest
622–Swamps Up NostrilsOb-Ot
623–Swamps Up NostrilsSyesocket Vines
624–Swamps Up NostrilsFlutterby Effect
625–Swamps Up NostrilsStinkhole
626–Swamps Up NostrilsAnother Place
627–Swamps Up NostrilsTransparent Disc
628–HelmeticrononautUltra Violet Note
629–Swamps Up NostrilsZappingidiots
630–Swamps Up NostrilsTerrorganism
631–Swamps Up NostrilsLΓ¦ll
632 Singles
633 Synchronoizer Experiment (Swamps Up Nostrils & AdDM)
635–Swamps Up NostrilsDarkmatterorchid
636–Leaving EarthSlip
637–Swamps Up NostrilsMarsquake-3
638–PyogenicCinder Cone Pt2
639 School Stuff
640–SynkopatLive @ Trondheim Matchmaking 2004
641 Patterns Of Dumb
642–Swamps Up NostrilsMarsquake-2
643–HelmeticrononautLive @ Klubb Kanin - Coffee Annan 051006
644–HelmeticrononautAn Extensive Travel Through To That Place They Were Going To
645–Swamps Up NostrilsPartykeyboard1
646–HelmeticrononautGamma Burst Might Not Be Pleasant
647–Swamps Up NostrilsMentaliation
648–Swamps Up NostrilsMogwtf
649–Swamps Up NostrilsNo Fishing Today
651–Swamps Up Nostrils & KaryonThe Day Of Tyreallon
653–Guignol DangereuxThe Noseman Sonata
654–Swamps Up NostrilsOrogenic
655–Swamps Up NostrilsSore Breaks
656–Swamps Up NostrilsNonlinear Observation Of Cassinis Descent
657–Swamps Up NostrilsSacre Bleu
658–Swamps Up NostrilsErrcondition
659–S.U.N.Beat You To It
660–HelmeticrononautStatic Man Comes Around With His Stuttering Girlfriend
661–Aatmaa Vs. Swamps Up NostrilsGuillotine
Remix – Unknown Artist
663–HelmeticrononautEntangled Semantic Hellfire
664–Leaving EarthMekk2
665–Swamps Up NostrilsRectalized
666–Unknown ArtistReconstruct (Constructor Erred Mix By Swamps Up Nostrils)
Remix – Swamps Up Nostrils
667–Swamps Up NostrilsMΓΆrketΓ―d
668–Swamps Up NostrilsSkumle Humle
669–Swamps Up NostrilsThem Kids
670 Mr. Simmons Trio
671–Infernal Divine SolariumSchoolboyrapingnun
672–HelmeticrononautToo Late Breakfast Again
673–Swamps Up NostrilsBlurred Distinctions
674–Aatmaa / Swamps Up NostrilsThe New Begining
675–Animal Machine / Swamps Up NostrilsAmputation
677–Swamps Up NostrilsDigested And Shat Out
678–Swamps Up NostrilsFrog Decline
679–Swamps Up NostrilsLipConcreteFriction
680–Aatmaa / Swamps Up NostrilsPoison Sacs
681–Leaving EarthClean Your Pipe Man
682–Animal Machine / Swamps Up NostrilsRespirator
683–Swamps Up NostrilsFast Crap
684–Animal Machine / Swamps Up Nostrils / AatmaaDestroy All Artifacts - Respirator (Trauma Mix)
Remix – Seraph
685 Early S.U.N CDr


All tracks are listed in the order it's found on the discs.


Genre: Electronic Album: The Complete Idiot's Guide To: Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut Ver. MP3 DVD 1, Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut Life Will Kill You DVD1-01-01 Helmeticrononaut Mbx Of Light DVD1-01-02 Helmeticrononaut Bad Intentions DVD1-01-03 Helmeticrononaut Err DVD1-01-04 Helmeticrononaut Feed On Your Back DVD1-01-05 Helmeticrononaut Pest Og Kolera DVD1-01-06 Helmeticrononaut Tormented String DVD1-01-07 Helmeticrononaut. Helmeticrononaut Massive Unforgiving And Made Of Rock And Ice. Swamps Up Nostrils will be playing a set at the Eat The Rich festival tonight at 21:45. Please locate the electronica stage, located somewhere in the Lamon Noir area of Trondheim, for further instructions and participation. Swamps Up Nostrils. Finally Mangled Unbelief is up This was the first full lenght album by . to be released anywhere, and to this date I think it is probably one of those I am most proud of, as it sums up pretty well what was going on in my formative years as a producer. 1267 mb. Singer: Swamps Up Nostrils. Album Title: The Complete Idiot's Guide To: Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut Ver. MP3 DVD 1, Swamps Up Nostrils & Helmeticrononaut. Life Will Kill You. DVD1-01-01. Mbx Of Light. DVD1-01-02. Bad Intentions. DVD1-01-03. DVD1-01-04. Feed On Your Back. DVD1-01-05. Pest Og Kolera. DVD1-01-06. Tormented String. DVD1-01-07. Be the first one to write a review. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Swamps Up Nostrils 3 Fatiguez must download. Swamps Up Nostrils 4 Constipated download. Swamps Up Nostrils 5 Vokal fnord download. Swamps Up Nostrils 6 Blurred download. Swamps Up Nostrils 7 download. Swamps Up Nostrils 8 download. download 1 file. TORRENT download. Swamps Up Nostrils Past Future, released 26 March 2013 1. Mandag 2. Tirsdag 3. Onsdag 4. Torsdag 5. Fredag This EP is made out of samples from a probabilistic drum and bass machine reworked togheter with drones, generative synths, custom samplers, all made in Pure Data, then assembled in a multi track software of choise. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Purchasable with gift card. Buy Digital Album. Listen to music from Swamps Up Nostrils like Space Migrate Already, Elementary particle man & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Swamps Up Nostrils. Helmeticrononaut Π€ΠΎΡ‚ΠΎ исполнитСля Helmeticrononaut. All songs by Helmeticrononaut. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash sounds were recorded around the light slopes going to and from the parking lot at Bekken, Estendstadmarka. On this first track of six one can hear the crackling drone from some electrical power that crossed the ski slope. In the background there is a hum from some machines in the city. Also, some skiers pass by. binaural fieldrecording cross-country cross-countryskiing ambience ambient power electrical experimental phonography avantgarde soundscape nature estendstadmarka strΓΈmmast mast ski snow machines. Swamps Up Nostrils - 01 - Knitreluft ved strΓΈmmast by swampsupnostrils is licensed und. TITLE added to MP3 cart. Misadventric Processing. March 22, 2019. Exclusive Prime pricing. to buy

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